Hair Transplant vs Scalp Micropigmentation

While both treatments help in restoring hair, the hair transplant vs scalp micropigmentation debate is never-ending. It is a known fact that every other person is facing hair loss and bald patches. This can be a real hit to their self-esteem and have a negative impact on their life. Until few years ago, hair transplant was the only option for people but it had its own limitations. With time, advancement in beauty industry introduced new procedures, one of which is scalp micropigmentation. Despite its increasing popularity, questions stands that is SMP the best alternative to hair transplant? Pakistan is also catching up with the rest of the world. However, only BrowBar is offering scalp micropigmentation in Karachi.

hair transplant vs scalp micropigmentation

If you hair loss issues, you must have done ample research for a solution.

While brushing your hair, you must wince at the sight of hair bunch in your brush. Right after seeing that, you must feel an urgency to find a solution. Then begins the intense research on many methods of hair restoration and prevention of hair loss. From miracle drugs to expensive hair products, you might get lost in the rabbit hole of misleading ways to solve this issue. However, there are permanent treatments as well but there can be a difficultly choosing between them. That is why it’s important to understand hair transplant vs scalp micropigmentation debate as every procedure has its pros and cons.

Hair Transplant vs Scalp Micropigmentation:

Before making a choice, you must get familiarized with both procedures and see which one suits you best. Following is a comparison of hair transplant vs scalp micropigmentation debate and we will see which one is the winner:

Difference between the procedures.

It is no secret that hair transplant is a surgical procedure where a surgeon removes follicles from a dense area of hair, anywhere on the body, and implant them on the affected area. This procedure is done by making tiny slits on the scalp. Meanwhile, scalp micropigmentation is done by using completely organic pigments inserted by micro needles which create hair-like strokes on the affected area and do not need to make slits or holes on your scalp.

Level of pain.

While talking about hair transplant vs scalp micropigmentation, it is important to assess how painful both the procedures are. For hair transplant, a medicine is inject in your scalp before the surgery. This is to numb the area and make it less painful. However, it can still cause a lot of pain because of the surgical nature of the procedure. After the transplant, your scalp can feel tender and you will have to wear bandages. For several days after that, you will have to take pain medications and stay at home. On the other hand, scalp micropigmentation is not a surgery and does not involve making slits or holes. Before the procedure, a topical anesthesia is applied which makes it completely pain-free. You can resume your regular routine right after the procedure.

End results.

While hair transplant works for some people, others will need a follow-up surgery. Similarly, some people have to wait for 6 to 9 months to see any changes in their hair growth. Sometimes, hair transplant surgeries can lead to infections and become extremely inconvenient. On the other hand, you can see immediate results in scalp micropigmentation which can be long-lasting, all you have to do it follow all the aftercare instructions religiously.

So is SMP the best alternative to hair transplant?

It would be safe to say that SMP is the best alternative. Not only is this treatment pain-free and convenient, it is also pocket-friendly. Where hair transplant can cost you a leg and an arm, SMP can easy be within your budget. Similarly, you need a permanent and immediate solution to your hair loss issue and SMP is exactly that. The minute the procedure is over, you can see the results immediately. The only thing to keep in mind is choosing the right artist, and for scalp micropigmentation in Karachi, BrowBar is the place you would want to go. So in the debate of hair transplant vs scalp micropigmentation, SMP is the winner.

Without any hesitation, book your consultation now with BrowBar for scalp micropigmentation in Karachi.

Since we concluded that SMP is the best option for dealing with bald patches and hair loss, the next step should be the choice of artist. While hair transplant is a common treatment, scalp micropigmentation is a newly introduced procedure by the founder of BrowBar, Amina Hyatt Lak. While her training in Dubai, Lak spend some time in understanding the needs of Pakistani clients. Therefore, she introduced SMP and many other treatments which benefit the clients in ways which were unheard of before BrowBar.

Through this treatment, Lak provides her clients a chance to feel like themselves again. At BrowBar, the clients’ needs and vision is understood before performing the procedure. Similarly, Lak makes sure to use only organic pigments which means that the chances of infections are zero. At the same time, hygiene and cleanliness is give the utmost priority. Due to this, scalp micropigmentation has become one of the most popular treatments at BrowBar. In order to restore your confidence back, book your consultation by clicking below.

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Amina Hyatt Lak, an internationally certified Semi Permanent Make Up Artist, founded after completing her courses from Dubai, UAE. Lak has learned one universal rule from her clients: women want to look fresh, flawless and beautiful. It’s this principle that drives a signature style that is feminine and natural.

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