Will Microblading Ruin My Eyebrows?

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Does Microblading Or Digital Machine Tattooing Ruin Your Natural Eyebrows?

When it comes to adjusting your brows, it’s normal to feel apprehensive — after all, they’re such an important visual feature! The benefit of semi-permanent tattooing is that it is exactly that: semi-permanent. This means that the results won’t stay on your face indefinitely but will last anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

In other articles, we’ve discussed the benefits of semi-permanent cosmetic treatments, such as the ability to refresh the look of your brows if trends change, you dye your hair a different colour, or you just want to mix things up – so it’s not as terrifying as it may seem!

But, if you opt not to touch up your bladed brows, would it restrict or harm the natural hair development of your brows? Or does it affect the normal growth of your brow hair in any other way? Will microblading ruin my eyebrows?

In short, no.

Even when it appears that your whole brow has to be altered, it doesn’t appear that semi-permanent brow operations have any type of lasting influence on the way your natural hair grows, as we’ll discuss further below. They won’t stop your natural hair from growing, and they won’t stimulate it either! This is fantastic news for individuals with naturally full brows who want to define their form, as well as those with thin or overplucked brows who want to get a fuller yet natural look.

That implies that if you have sparse brows and want to promote hair development in the brow region, semi-permanent treatments like a digital machine, feather touch, and microblading can help you get the look of a more even, fuller brow – even if you’re not naturally blessed with them growing that way!

A semi-permanent technique might be the right option if you want to obtain a different look with your brows, owing to the way your natural hair growth is. Take a look at some of BrowBar’s before and after brow transformations to discover how semi-permanent brow operations have altered people with very light, sparse brows, as well as those with darker, fuller brows – both to a lovely finish.

It might be worth considering…

There may be some mild residual scarring, especially if you had earlier treatments before the digital equipment became widely used. While you won’t have restricted or reduced hair development if you let your treated brows fade over time to show your natural look, you may notice that earlier operations have left their impression.

The reason for this is the depth to which a portable blade may penetrate, especially when used by an untrained user. A deeper cut, one that penetrates past the first few layers of skin and exposes tissue or blood vessels and bleeds profusely, will usually leave a tiny scar. Some people are more prone to scarring than others, so it’s important to understand how you recover and how a semi-permanent operation will affect your skin in particular. To be clear, if a surgery is done well and you’ve been honest with your brow artist, you shouldn’t have any long-term scars if you want to let your brows fade.

To reduce the risk, make sure you do your homework and ask plenty of questions! You should be familiar with your brow artist’s prior work and confident in the outcome.

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