Microblading is the process of enhancing the appearance of eyebrows, in which pigment is scratched into the skin in fine, short strokes resembling hair, using a hand tool with a blade formed of tiny needles.

When we are growing up from a child to a girl, the first thing that comes to our mind is to update ourselves with our looks and appearances. And when it comes to looks, we initially want to fix our brows. During modern times, things have gone really advanced. We have seen that eyebrow fashion trends have constantly been changing too. Microblading is one of the procedures. It can be a blessing for those having patchy and uneven brows. And you want to wake up with perfect-looking brows without having a fear of coming off while swimming or after showering.

Again it varies from person to person and their skin type. According to some famous stylists, it is just a form of a tattoo. In comparison, microblading doesn’t last long, as most experts claim. It mostly can last from 1.5-2 years.

Microblading procedures can be painful for some, but some claim it to be painless. The artists usually numb the area to make it less painful. But it would help if you had a real expert to treat this process very carefully.

The aftercare is as equally important as the procedure itself. A slight mishandling can ruin the whole process. If brows are not washed properly or the scabs picked can bring out the pigmentation. So it is highly recommended to follow the aftercare process religiously.

The healing process of microblading can last for about a month. And you will have to be patient to see the final result of your treatment and enjoy your final look. Again it varies from person to person. Some skin types are fast in healing. The brows might look patchy during this period, but you have to wait before judging the procedure.

The microblading process can be divided into two steps. After the first treatment, you must visit your expert for the touch-ups. The second step must be done once the healing period is over in about 6-8 weeks. The artist will fill up the patches left after the microblading and healing process and make all the necessary corrections.

While talking about microblading, we must keep in mind that this process is not suitable for EVERYONE. It is not at all ideal for people to have :

  • Diabetes
  • Serious diseases like cancer or autoimmune disorders
  • Suffering from any bleeding disorders
  • Using blood-thinning medicines
  • Having viral infections or diseases
  • Going through chemotherapy
  • Have skin irritation near the treatment areas

So it is always recommended to consult your doctor before getting this treatment.

If you ever feel regressions about the treatment or are not happy with the results(that you must wait till the healing time), you always have the option to remove or fade microblading. They will not remain as dark as the treatment time; the pigment will fade.

Talking about the price of the process can vary with the expertise of the artist and factors such as location, competition, and popularity. Hence it is recommended not to go for cheap ones.

We should always choose the artist wisely according to their experience and popularity. Try getting reviews from people around and their portfolios. A good artist should provide consultation appointments to ask anything about the treatment, post-care, and possible side effects.

As talked about earlier, it is a semi-permanent process. The pigment will start fading in a year or two. Again depends on the skin type. It will even fade sooner if exposed to sun and water more often. Therefore you need to have a color boost touch-up to add more pigment and make it long-lasting.

Concluding the whole discussion about the process and the pros and cons, we still can’t assure if this process will last longer or not as we find many people not much happy with this quick process or the results. We even come across many people for whom it is not less than a blessing due to their light or patchy brows. As things proceed much to better and better options, we can predict a better, less painful, and long-lasting process.

Take a look at some of Brow Bar Beauty’s before and after brow transformations to discover how semi-permanent brow operations have altered people with very light, sparse brows, as well as those with darker, fuller brows – both to a lovely finish.

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Amina Hyatt Lak, an internationally certified Semi Permanent Make Up Artist, founded after completing her courses from Dubai, UAE. Lak has learned one universal rule from her clients: women want to look fresh, flawless and beautiful. It’s this principle that drives a signature style that is feminine and natural.

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