Why Microblading Won’t Work For You

If you’ve ever fantasized having brows like Cara Delevigne, you’ve probably heard of microblading. While microblading is still the most popular trend in Pakistan, it is fading in other areas of the world… But we’ll get to that later. You might be surprised to learn why microblading won’t work for you.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading (also known as feathering, embroidery, or hairstroke tattoo) is a type of cosmetic tattooing that is done by hand. To carve very thin lines into the brows, a small handtool with a row of needles is used. These lines are supposed to resemble hairs, giving the impression of a larger brow. Cosmetic pigment is infused into the cuts, giving the lines colour and making them look like hair.

Why Microblading Won’t Work For You

You may be surprised to learn that these lines may soften and fade with time. Only a skilled professional and the ideal dry skin type can keep these lines looking fine and sharp. This is why microblading does not work well for oily/combination skin types. Oilier skin has wider pores and produces more sebum, which prevents the colour from being retained when microbladed. Because of the big pores, the sebum physically pulls the colour out, or the strokes become fuzzy. Because microblading must be applied extremely superficially to achieve tiny, crisp lines, your skin type has a significant impact on the end outcome.

why microblading doesn't work

Microblading Doesn’t Last

What else should you know about microblading? It isn’t particularly long lasting. The incisions should be made just through the epidermis’s bottom layers, which are relatively ‘superficial’ for tattooing. Microblading only lasts around 6 to 12 months on average due to skin cell turnover in these layers. By 12 months, you may still have some hairstrokes, but half of them will have fallen out. Or they’ll have become hazy. This implies that touch-up procedures will be required every 6 months or so to keep your brows appearing full. Greater sessions equals more skin harm. The more harm your skin has been exposed to, the less probable it is to be able to endure more microblading. Scar tissue is made up of a different type of tissue than regular skin, and it heals in a different way. So you can only have microblading for a certain amount of time until your skin can no longer handle it.

What’s The Alternative?

The ‘Ombre’ method is the most recent trend in the cosmetic tattoo business. In contrast to microblading, a digital cosmetic tattoo machine is used to superficially implant pigment into the skin without cutting it, resulting in significantly less harm. After healing, very small spots of colour are tattooed into the brows, giving in a delicate, powdery look. The effects are far longer lasting than microblading since they are more precise and cause less damage. Microblading is being phased out in many areas of the world in favour of the Ombre method, which produces better and more consistent results. Microblading may produce excellent results when performed by a qualified professional on the proper skin type. However, the Ombre, which I like to refer to as ‘Soft Powder,’ is a more consistent and less stressful approach. This method is suitable for all skin types and lasts longer than microblading, resulting in fewer touch-ups.

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