We live in a fast-paced world. This world and its people are constantly changing. They are changing the way they live, their lifestyles, looks, and everything. All of us are running towards achieving something that will make us look better in the world. Which, by the way, is not a bad thing. Change is good. Change is positive. The change indicates that you are living and doing something to bring about the change. People nowadays are more knowing. They understand their features and their bodies, and they know what they require to make their features or bodies more enhanced and more beautiful. Cosmetic surgery has allowed many people to achieve that change.

Many people undergo many different procedures on their faces and bodies to make themselves look more beautiful. One of these procedures is microblading and microshading.


It is a cosmetic procedure that a person undergoes to make their eyebrows look thicker and more natural. It is an eyebrow tattoo, which gives the illusion of thicker, full eyebrows. It’s not a permanent procedure, but it can last up to 18 months if not kept up to date.

The Procedure:

This procedure is done manually with the help of a blade. This blade is made up of several fine needles. It is then moved across the skin beneath the eyebrow, creating scratches underneath that look like natural hairs. It makes the eyebrow look thicker and more natural-looking.


This is another procedure that is applied to the eyebrows. It gives the eyebrow a more makeup look. But due to this procedure, the makeup does not wear off.

It is done by injecting color underneath the brow that then shades it, giving it a fuller look.

The Procedure:

It is performed with a manual tool or with the help of a PMU machine. The machine helps to pierce through the skin beneath the brow to give it shade. This procedure can last up to 3 years if not kept up to date.

Microblading VS Microshading:

Looking into these procedures, it seems that both procedures are somewhat similar as they are done to make the eyebrows look different. But the thing is that although both procedures are slightly similar, they are also very different.

The Look:

Both procedures provide a very different look.

In microblading, a more natural look is achieved, while in microshading, a light makeup look is achieved.


The technique of performing the two procedures is also different. Microblading is done manually, while microshading can be done manually and with a PMU machine.


Both procedures are semi-permanent, but microshading lasts longer than microblading as the shadow takes more time to wear off than the hair strokes. Microblading lasts about 18 months, while microshading can last up to 2 years.

Who can get this?

Mostly both procedures can be applied to any face. But it is suggested that microblading should be applied on dry to normal skin. A skin that is too oily or exudes a lot of oil should not get microblading done because overproduction of oil blurs the strokes, and it then fades faster. On the other hand, micro shading can be applied to all faces. Too much oily skin does not affect the shade implemented on the brow.

Hybrid Brows:

Both procedures can be applied to the same face. If a face is dry or has normal skin, then applying the microblading procedure of natural hair strokes, a shade can also be implemented on the whole brow or just the front. This procedure is called hybrid brows.

Level of Pain:

The pain during or after the procedure varies from person to person. Some say it hurts, but others do not feel much pain. Some pinching or stinging is expected but not pain. The procedure itself is performed by numbing the brow area.

Safety of the procedure:

These procedures are very safe if performed by a professional and in a sterile environment. The tools used should be sterile so that infection can be avoided. As the strokes are made with tools, they need to heal and not be tampered with to prevent infection.

An allergic reaction can also happen due to these procedures. It can occur either because of the pigments or the other products used during the whole procedure. A quick test beforehand can stop this from happening.


The aftercare of both procedures is the same.

It’s a 14-day healing process in which you are not to touch the brow, not to make it wet, or apply any cream or ointment. Only the ointment prescribed by the doctor should be applied. After the specified period, you can go about the usual routine.

Maintaining the brow:

These brows are to be maintained for the first 6-8 weeks in both procedures. They require touch-ups in the start weeks after that:

  • Annual touch-ups
  • Avoid excessive sunlight
  • Avoid swimming too much
  • Excessive sweating is also to be avoided


The cost of both procedures averages around $400-$600. But if a person is getting both procedures applied to their face, it can be more costly than the average amount.

Which is better?

When undergoing these certain procedures, one had to think it through and understand the pros and cons of both procedures. As you are dealing with your face and it is the first thing another sees, the thought of going through any one of these procedures should be thoroughly thought through.

You should consider your skin type, style, look, or the amount of makeup you wear daily.

  • For dry skin types, microblading is the better option as it will give a more complete, natural look.
  • For those with sensitive skin, microshading is a better option. The sensitive skin can take on shading as compared to hair strokes.
  • For those who have very light eyebrows, then microshading is for them. But those who have dark eyebrows but some spaces in between can opt for microblading.
  • For a natural look, and familiar face, go for microblading. But if a light makeup look is required, then microshading is the way to go.

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