What is Lip Discoloration Correction?

Did you know that your lips can tell a lot about your overall health? Like if they are dry or cracked, you might be dehydrated, stressed or have anxiety. Similarly, lip discoloration can also reveal many health issues and should not be taken lightly. While it is a common problem all over the world, South Asian people have experienced dark lips more than others. However, lip discoloration can occur due to many other reasons besides just health issues. Whatever the case, you must have wondered how to resolve this issue and get the original pink tint of your lips back. Thanks to developments in the beauty industry, there are many treatments and procedures to reverse the color back, including lip discoloration correction. While this treatment might sound tempting, you must be wondering, what is lip discoloration correction?

What causes lip discoloration?

Before answering the question, what is lip discoloration correction, one must understand the causes of discoloration. One of the reasons of this is lack of proper circulation throughout the body. This can be an alarming issues and should be looked into immediately. However, there are other reasons of discoloration as well. Most of the times, lips lose their color because of a common skin condition called hyperpigmentation. When there is excessive melanin production, dark patches appear on the skin and lead to dark lips. This leads to hyperpigmentation. Other reasons include smoking, exposure to sun, medication, stress and unhealthy lifestyle. However, semi-permanent treatments can always help in restoring the natural color of your lips.

So, what is lips discoloration correction?

Although lip discoloration is a common problem among Pakistani women, there is only one particular studio offering lip discoloration correction in Karachi. Before getting the procedure done, it is important to understand what you’re getting into. Lip discoloration correction has been designed to reverse the lip color to its natural shade, and is recommended for men and women both. Using the color corrector palette, the dark patches are removed to restore the original color of your lips. Along with correcting the color, it enhances the natural shape of lips, and gives them boost and symmetry. The discoloration is removed and the production of melanin is suppressed by the organic pigment.

Where to go for lip discoloration correction in Karachi?

After finding out the answer to your question, what is lip discoloration correction, the next step is to choose the right studio and artist for the procedure. At the moment, only BrowBar is offering this unique treatment. Because of its great work ethics, determination to provide best quality services and rapport with their clients, BrowBar is always jam-packed with clients for lip discoloration correction in Karachi. The founder, Amina Hyatt Lak, is the pioneer of this treatment and have received special training and certification from Dubai. Lak has created an environment where the clients feel taken care of and always leave with a smile. Before starting the procedure, she books a consultation to answer all the queries and concerns of her clients. Although Lak only uses organic pigments for the procedure, her goal is to find a combination of pigment and skin type. This way, there is no chance of anything going wrong. The pigments she uses are completely iron oxide-free and without any heavy metal. From the beginning till the end, Lak and her team only focus on the comfort of the client and providing world class treatment. That is why BrowBar is considered among the best semi-permanent makeup studios.

lip discoloration correction

If you wish for beautiful lips, book a consultation with BrowBar right now.

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Amina Hyatt Lak, an internationally certified Semi Permanent Make Up Artist, founded after completing her courses from Dubai, UAE. Lak has learned one universal rule from her clients: women want to look fresh, flawless and beautiful. It’s this principle that drives a signature style that is feminine and natural.

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