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If you’re a woman, you must have an elaborate, disastrous story revolving your eyebrows. In order to maintain your brows, you must regularly go to your favorite beauty salon and have a designated brow girl. However, there must have been incidents where she over-plucked your eyebrows and you had to go home with disproportionate brows. Whether you try to fill them with pencil or pluck some more, nothing would work. All you could do was to wait for them to grow back. In order to avoid such calamities, beauty experts have come up with a technique called eyebrow mapping. Now you must be asking yourself, what is brow mapping and how can it help me? We will answer your question and help you understand this treatment.

For Pakistani women, one of the most common beauty treatment is eyebrow threading.

As South Asian women have naturally full and bold eyebrows, it is even more crucial for them to maintain them properly. Therefore, threading their eyebrows is a common practice for them. At the same time, chances of disaster happening are also more. Due to COVID-19 and lockdown, Pakistani women needed better methods to enhance their fuller eyebrows. For this reason, BrowBar introduced eyebrow mapping in Karachi and the only studio in Pakistan which is providing this treatment. However, before going for the treatment, you need to understand that what is brow mapping?

So exactly what is brow mapping?

Brow mapping is a one of a kind way to ensure that your eyebrows are shaped perfectly to frame your face. With the help of a pencil or thread dipped in color, an elaborate and precise grid is drawn on the upper part of the face. It is done to mark key points which would determine the right shape. After that, the brow experts thread your eyebrows from only the necessary areas. The purpose of brow mapping is to make sure your eyebrows are symmetrical and identical. Everyone has a unique face structure and cookie cutter formula does not apply on every face. With this treatment, you get the shape which fits perfectly with your face structure. At the same time, the right amount of thickness and hair growth is also given priority. In short, brow mapping helps determine the right amount of hair growth and shape which would suit your face. Another interesting aspect of this treatment is that your eyebrows will be unique not like everyone else. This method helps to make your brows distinctive.

Why BrowBar is the best place for eyebrow mapping in Karachi?

When Amina Hyatt Lak founded BrowBar, she wanted to bring ease and comfort for her clients’ beauty needs as well as empower them. Along with many other treatments, she introduced brow mapping to Pakistani women. Her purpose for doing this was to help them avoid eyebrows disasters. With the help of Golden Ratio technique, Lak marks the essential points on the face which determines the perfect shape for the client’s face. This technique ensures that the clients will get the eyebrows which suits their face and the brows are perfectly symmetrical. After the mapping, threading experts at BrowBar take over from there and thread the brow accordingly. While eyebrow threading has been around since ages, brow mapping in Karachi is only available at BrowBar.

what is brow mapping

If her clients need to understand that what is brow mapping, Lak makes sure to give them a thorough introduction of the treatment. At the same time, the clients can be sure that extra measures will be taken for hygiene and cleanliness. Similarly, Golden Ratio Technique is the precise method to get the right shape according to the face dimensions. There are no chances of over-plucking your eyebrows.

After getting eyebrow threading in Karachi from BrowBar, the next step is eyebrow tinting.

So you went to BrowBar and using the Golden Ratio Technique, Lak mapped your brows. The threading experts shaped your brows according to your face structure. The best time to get brow mapping and threading is when your eyebrows are fully grown. If you had a bad experience previously and had over-plucked or uneven eyebrows, you might need two or three visits to BrowBar to get them fixed. After they fixed your brows through mappings and shaping, you might want to get eyebrow tinting. This semi-permanent dye will make your eyebrows thicker, fuller and darker. The purpose of eyebrow tint is to enhance your natural eyebrows. So, if you want the eyebrows of your dreams, head over to BrowBar now.

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Amina Hyatt Lak, an internationally certified Semi Permanent Make Up Artist, founded after completing her courses from Dubai, UAE. Lak has learned one universal rule from her clients: women want to look fresh, flawless and beautiful. It’s this principle that drives a signature style that is feminine and natural.

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