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Browbar offers tattoo removal service for those who want to remove an unwanted tattoo – may it be as an eyebrow tattoo you got years ago or just got a tattoo on your body for fun and now hate it?

We use a powerful solution that helps soften the pigment in your skin. The special formulation mobilizes undesirable tattoo pigments and captures them in a unique molecular matrix.

Our Special Removal Technique has advantages in that it is not color selective, and acts on all colors equally. Laser treatments are generally required than with energy-based removal methods.

Suitable for semi-permanent cosmetics, (eyebrows) will not cause pigment oxidization or hair loss like energy-based systems.

Suitable for use to lighten pigments before re-coloring or re-artworking, (cover-ups).


Sittings required: Depends on the size of the tattoo and how old it is. Sittings will be 8 weeks apart

Procedure Duration: Depends on the area (Minimum 1.5 hours)

Pain level: Minimum to 0. We apply topical anesthesia before treatment

Suitable for: Men & Women

Medical Conditions: Skin Conditions, Pregnant Women, Breast Feeding Mothers, Diabetic Patients please consult before making an appointment.

Results: In 8 Weeks

Downtime: You can resume normal activity right after the procedure. However aftercare should be followed religiously-that will be discussed during your procedure.

Precautions: If you have done laser removal, skin treatments on the tattoo area, chemical peels etc, please mention before making an appointment as there is a certain time period that you will have to wait before you can do a procedure with us.

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