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Microblading in karachi

microblading in karachi


microblading in karachi


Promising you ” I woke up like this” eyebrows everyday! Wouldnt it be wonderful to ditch the make up bag? No need to worry about panda eyes when you hit the pool? No need to fill in your brows every morning and pray to God that they stay in place and won’t wipe off?

At BrowBar, we can help to enhance your natural beauty. We have a number of different treatments for your eyebrows at BrowBar, during consultation we select the one that suits you the best.

All our treatments are semi permanent and can last upto a few years depending on client’s skin type and life style.

During the consultation, we first discuss your vision and what you want, then using our Golden Ratio Tool we carefully map your eyebrows that best suit your face shape. We dont have a one flat formula for everyone, we understand everyone is unique and no two individuals are the same, keeping this in mind, we carefully trace the best shape that accentuates your looks. Remember this, in fact read loudly..Eyebrows are the most important facial feature that make or break your look! Yes you are right… read again!



Microblading is a semi-permanent technique where fine hair strokes get drawn on the eyebrows by using a handheld tool made of several tiny needles. It is a painless process thanks to the numbing ointment applied before beginning with the procedure.

Bold Brows achieved through Microblading & Shading Technique for Actress Mathira.

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Ombre brows are a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look that is a go-to these days. It can be used on any client with any skin type at any age. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to the ombre technique, as it’s suitable for all the clients.


Powder brows are also known as ombre powder brows. It is a slightly newer semi-permanent brow technique that creates a soft, powdered look that subtly fills in your eyebrows.


Bold Brow is a method for brow enhancement and beautification. Brow bar offers a popular beauty procedure for your eyebrows to look thick and bold. It is a technique that has become a massive trend in women that want to have semi-permanent bold-brows over temporary options.


Procedure Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Pain Level: Minimal to 0. We apply topical anesthesia before the procedure

Age: Age is just a number, It is for everyone and anyone looking to enhance their beauty naturally.

Suitable for: Men & Women

Sittings: Only one sitting and touch up after 4 to 6 weeks

Medical Conditions: Pregnant Women, Breast Feeding Mothers, Diabetic Patients please consult before making an appointment.

Results: Instant

Results Last Up to: Depending on client’s lifestyle and skin type, it can last up to 2 years or more.

Downtime: You can resume normal activity right after the procedure. However aftercare should be followed religiously-that will be discussed during your procedure.

Precautions: If you have done skin peeling treatments, fillers, botox etc. please mention before making an appointment as there is a certain time period that you will have to wait before you can do a procedure with us.

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