“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

We live in a beautiful world.  With its beautiful sights and its beautiful people. The beauty of this world is what catches our eyes and what takes our breath away.  Beauty is considered the most important aspect the eye sees.  We define a thing with its beauty.  A person may consider one thing beautiful while another may not.  But that does not mean that it is not beautiful.  The perception of it varies from person to person.

All of us were born with the same body parts.  Two eyes, one nose, a set of teeth, two hands, arms, and legs.  Features are something that makes us different from one another.  Some have a big nose or big lips and vice versa. Some are blessed with big breasts and some with small.  Same with the hips.  Some people accept this and some want their features to enhance and change according to their perception.  In the olden days, everyone accepted their features even if they were not happy with them, but now this is not the case.

Is Microblading a good idea

Cosmetic surgery has made it possible for anyone who wants to enhance their features.  Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that a person undergoes to change their physical appearance.    It’s an expensive surgery not done because of medical reasons but because of cosmetical reasons.  These surgeries include breast enlargements, hips enlargement, facelifts, eye lifts, liposuctions, microblading- to name a few.  These surgeries give a temporary result to the client and the person has to get regular checkups to maintain the new feature.  These surgeries are painful and the recovery period is also long, but still, people are opting to take the pain to see a change.  These surgeries if performed with great care and precision, will give excellent results.  But if done from a not-so-expensive-but-I-want-to-have-a-changed-feature, then it can have consequences.  It’s a risk that a person takes on their face or any other body part.

Microblading is also a cosmetic surgery.  It is a procedure that inserts a pigment with the help of a needle under the eyebrows.  It makes the eyebrow thicker and gives it a more natural look according to the face type.  It is a costly procedure with a range from $400-$600.  Most people in the media industry are having this procedure to have thick, dark eyebrows that give a more makeup look without putting on a lot of makeup.  Nowadays even girls and boys who are not from the media industry are still undergoing this expensive surgery.  This surgery gives a defined and complete look to the eyebrows.  And they are made to match the face type of every person. It is not a permanent procedure but one procedure can last up to two 2 or 3 years.  After that, your original shape starts to show.  For that not to happen, people undergo regular checkups, just to keep the new shape intact. But is it a good idea to get microblading done?


Microblading is a highly extensive procedure, with many hours in surgery and a longer recovery period after that.  Although people say the surgery itself is painless, after the surgery the eyebrows look swollen and very dark for a long period.  Also, the client is not supposed to get the affected area wet for at least 7 to 10 days.  That means that even after during shower, you are to keep your face dry.  The first any person should do before taking on this surgery is to give it thorough research.  Who is the best doctor to do this surgery?  Is he a professional?  What tools does he use?  Is his procedure legit?  Are his tools sanitized?  All of these questions and a lot more need to be asked beforehand.  This expensive procedure can cause serious damage to your skin if not done properly.  It can cause damage to the hair root follicles that are then irreversible.  It can cause the hair to be ingrown or to stop altogether. The procedure requires the right tools to be used because if not, it can cause scarring and another procedure on the brow area can never be performed again.

Infection is also a very big reason that you should think about before going for this surgery.  It is to be made certain that the place from where you are getting your brows done is hygiene conscious and keep all of their tools well sterilized and keep a clean space for all of their customers.  To go to someone without researching them first is like putting your face in the hands of a butcher and asking them to make it look pretty.  It’s a life-changing procedure and should be dealt with a great deal of care so that you can get perfect results.Everyone is beautiful and should accept themselves as they are. But still, if someone wants to change the way they look and want to make cuts on their bodies just to make themselves look different, they should research all their options before making these life-changing decisions.

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Amina Hyatt Lak, an internationally certified Semi Permanent Make Up Artist, founded after completing her courses from Dubai, UAE. Lak has learned one universal rule from her clients: women want to look fresh, flawless and beautiful. It’s this principle that drives a signature style that is feminine and natural.

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